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Mission Statement

Bennion Deville Homes is a company built by agents, for agents. We are one of the largest exclusive, privately held brokerages owned by the original founders in the nation. Our network of real estate offices serve local communities throughout Southern California, and enjoy a global reach through our exclusive affiliations with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio®. Bennion and Deville Homes agents are committed to:



Why Use a Bennion Deville Homes Agent?



Who are Rachael & Michele?

Rachael and Michele headshot with desert and coastal photos side-by-side

Rachael and Michele are the dynamic Mother / Daughter Duo that Sell Sand to Sea!

The respective strengths of these two individuals create a formidable team.

With 3 decades of combined professional knowledge, this team’s unique approach and collective expertise elevates the clients experience and gets proven results.

Michele Mayer has been selling real estate since 1989 and believes that raising all four of her children on her own has given her the ability to really listen to her clients. Rachael’s constant exposure to Real Estate as she was growing up has contributed to her tenacity and has made her the real estate professional she is today. It is safe to say that Real Estate is in their blood!

Rachael and Michele’s goals are to negotiate the best possible outcome for each client and close every transaction seamlessly. Their tech-savvy approach to marketing is a cutting-edge, fresh approach through social media and other digital avenues that drive qualified leads to their listings.

Whether you are looking for the coastal home of your dreams or the world-famous resort-style living in the desert, this Mother/ Daughter duo “Sell Sand to Sea!”



Testimonials  5 Stars

Hoss Vaziri    
If I could give more than five stars, I would, because Rachael is truly a phenomenal realtor. Knowledgeable, organized, and extremely caring about her clients. If you hire her for your real estate needs, consider yourself Lucky!!

Lauren D.     
Rachael recently helped my mom sell and buy a home in San Diego. She was completely knowledgeable and helpful with everything we needed throughout the process. She is also very friendly and willing to help with any questions that her clients have. I would absolutely work with Rachael in the future, and recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.

Esteban Gallegos    
We are very grateful for what you have done for us me, my wife and kids are enjoying the house very much thank you for your hard work and dedication couldn`t have done it with out you. Highly recommend to any one wanting to buy or sell a home. She is the best!!

Alicia Harade    
Rachael is the best! She is with you every step of the way through the entire process. She even called around for quotes for me on work that needed to be done. She truly goes above and beyond.

Alecia Velasco    
Rachael is by far the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and motivated agent you`ll find in the industry. What started as a business venture ended in an amazing friendship... she`s simply the best there is!



Finding Buyers for Your Home

Where do home buyers come from? EVERYWHERE. One area is the Internet. Many buyers begin their search here, however, statistics show 89 percent of both first-time and repeat buyers turn to a trusted real estate professional to obtain reliable information regarding current properties on the market.

For this reason, when I market your home, many of my initial activities will center around marketing on the internet and to other real estate professionals to capture ALL interested parties.

Sources buyers use in their home search

95% of people use the Internet to find listings
92% learn of homes through their Real Estate Agent
50% of people use Open Houses to find listings
49% learn of a listing by seeing a Yard Sign
16% of people use Newspaper Ads to find listings
*SOURCE: National Association of REALTORS®

Listing plan of Action

“Casting a Large Net”

The right buyer is out there, and I will use my professional expertise and an appropriate mix of marketing activities to locate the right buyer for your home.



Marketing Your Property

When I market your property, you benefit by receiving my customized approach, tailored just for you and your property.

Preparing YOUR Home

Advertising and Marketing Information


Multiple Listing Service We Have it all!


Showing Your Property

When I show your property you will

benefit from strategies and procedures designed to target the most qualified and interested buyers.

Real Estate Agent Previews

Controlled Access to Your Property

Activity Updates

Buyer Qualifications



Pricing Your Property

In order to get the highest return for your home in the least amount of time, determining the correct price is the most critical step you can take in preparing your home for sale.

Pricing Strategy

Market Activity and Time

Targeting the Right Buyer



The High Cost of Overpricing

The most critical step in preparing to market a home is determining the listing price.
All sellers want to realize the highest possible return from their property. Pricing a property too low, of course, will not provide the highest return; pricing a property too high will definitely produce less than the best return. The right price produces the best return.

Property Misses its Market

When a price is too high, those buyers for whom the home would be suitable won’t see the house because it is out of their price range. Buyers who are in the price range of the asking price will not see the property as a good value and will buy something else. A professional agent will be reluctant to show the property, except perhaps to make a competing property look like a good buy. Credibility is key with value and pricing.

Testing the Market

Sellers often feel that they want to test the market at a high price. This is risky. A property receives its fullest exposure in the first three to five weeks on the market. The best buyers for any property are those choice prospects who see a property during those first weeks. If it does not appear to be a good value, they will decide not to buy and it is rare that such buyers or agents return to a property later, even if the price is reduced.

Seller Expectations

Another danger of testing the market is that the seller will come to believe in what started out as an exploratory price. Even when the market provides evidence otherwise, the seller will be unwilling to reduce the price. Or, what is worse, a seller may turn down an offer that is low, but which is the best offer that will be received. In an extreme example, a seller whose house was listed at $550,000 turned down an early offer of $450,000; a year and a half later the house sold only after the asking price was reduced to $425,000.

Increased Market Time

The overpriced house stays on the market, and statistics from the Multiple Listing Service indicate that the longer a house is on the market, the lower the selling price in relation to the asking price. It becomes a “stale listing.”

Other Costs of Overpricing

A home on the market is a non-productive asset. An unsold house represents financial resources committed to continuing ownership costs: Interest, taxes, maintenance and the loss of the potential alternative uses of the funds tied up in the property.

Non-monetary Costs

An unsold house prevents the owner from proceeding with whatever plans led to the decision to sell: Purchase of a different home, moving from the area, consolidating households, liquidating an estate, concluding a divorce.

Correct Pricing

Pricing a home is part art, part science and much knowledge. The pricing process should be based on statistical information: The prices paid for comparable properties in recent sales. Since no two homes are exactly alike, however, the evidence must be evaluated and a judgment reached. Because of the emotional attachment to a home, the judgment of a Bennion Deville Homes agent with an impartial view is vital. The right price produces the best return – ALWAYS.

You Only Get One Chance To Make a First Impression

Taking the time to prepare your home maximizes its appeal and provides an “edge” when marketing to buyers, resulting in a shorter market time and assuring the highest return possible.

Before Presenting Your Home to Buyers

Go through our Marketing Preparation Guide to prepare your home for sale.

Before Buyers and Agents Come to Your Home

Shows Your Home



Marketing Preparation Guide

A clean home in good repair sells much more readily than one in poor condition. Use this guide to help you identify areas of your home that may need improvement. Look at your home as if you were considering buying it as your new home.


Entry, Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room








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